Packing Instruction


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Step 1. Align LCD screens face-to-face.

Recycling 12

Put a pair of screens face-to-face and put into a bubble bag to protect the screens and save space.

Step 2. Secure 5 Pairs of Screens Together.

Recycling 2

Using the bubble wrap to pack every 5 bags, wrap for 3 rolls to make it the safest space.

Step 3. Wrap screens in bubble wrap.

Each set of 5 LCD screens needs to be securely wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the screens during shipping. Sets of 5 ensure safety of screens during transport.

Step 4. Prepare a paper box for shipment.

Recycling 3Recycling 6


Each bubble wrapped set of screen should be securely placed and all empty spaces should be filled with packing peanuts.

*This video only shows you the first two steps. So please carefully place your screens for next steps.